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Roots was founded by Balubaid Group of Companies (BGC). We are a diversified holding company operating in nine sectors in Saudi Arabia established in 1952.

Roots is committed to providing its customers with high-quality distribution services, from sourcing to distribution and brand building with a team of experienced professionals passionate about the distribution industry and striving to incorporate these values into everything they do.

Roots is a leading company in the Saudi Arabian market and is committed to providing the highest quality Services, Products, and Solutions. Whether you are looking for a reliable trading partner or need assistance with distribution, Roots has the expertise and resources to help you achieve your goals.

CEPSA Transparent
CEPSA’s birthplace was Spain in 1929, and since then, they have not stopped growing and now have operations across five continents. Step by step they developed their businesses and products to become what they are today: one of the most important global energy companies.
SHIELD Transparent

Shield Chemicals, operating since 1964, has progressively earned the reputation of being one of the leading brands of car care supplies, auto detailing products, and automotive accessories.

Shield Chemicals started its Car Products with a vision to become a household name in car care. By 1985, Shield had built up a strong national distribution network, supplying chain stores motor assembly plants, oil companies and various motor accessory groups.

Balubaid Group just signed a JV (Joint Venture) agreement with Shield for the rights of being the sole agent of its products in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, MENA Region (Middle East & North Africa), and Subcontinent India, where within this Agreement Shield/Balubaid JV will be expanding the coverage of Shield Products across ME for 4 main categories of Shield businesses:

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McBerry is the number 1 Biscuit Brand in Ghana. McBerry’s trademark has led to the production of a variety of biscuits and cakes in Ghana. It has expanded to other West African countries with a market share of 55% in the local market within three years.

Their prime industry, international awards, certificates, and the power of their investment and state of art facilities have helped them reach the international standard of quality and the required quantity demanded from the market and beyond.

Today, McBerry’s success story includes the production of all types of biscuits and cakes, including hard biscuits, soft biscuits, bourbon, soda biscuits, digestives, cakes, coated wafers with nuts, premium wafers, and many more, suitable for any part of the world.

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