Balubaid Automotive

Balubaid has over 65 years of automotive history, including over five decades as an agent or exclusive distributor for brands including Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac, Buick, Opel, Pontiac, Subaru, Daihatsu, and Peugeot.

During this time, Balubaid has been among the largest independent General Motors dealers in the world, as well as one of the leading dealers of Peugeot vehicles in the region. In its last decade as a General Motors agent, Balubaid was the fastest growing dealer in Saudi Arabia.

Building on its experience as a dealer and distributor of American, Japanese, and European vehicle brands, Balubaid in 2012 consolidated its Kingdom-wide vehicle retail network into a single, independent network of automotive retail superstores under the brand name “Autozone.”

Autozone is a unique automotive retail concept based on a value proposition of choice, value, and customer centricity for Saudi Arabian car buyers. The large format of Autozone facilities, some of which can accommodate over 60 vehicles for display, allows consumers to see, touch, and experience most of the best-selling vehicles in the Kingdom under one roof. Organized into sedan, SUV and commercial zones and vehicle segments by size, Autozone makes comparison shopping easier and more pleasant than ever before.

For more Information and details visit Autozone website

Balubaid Spare Parts

Historically known as the “king of parts,” Balubaid is a leading distributor of auto parts in the Kingdom, and is especially renowned for its distribution of genuine General Motors parts. Today Balubaid continues to build on this tradition by distributing General Motors and other parts brands via its wholesale channel and its own Kingdom-wide retail network.

AC Delco

Balubaid is an authorized agent (WD) of AC Delco parts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and distributes a wide range of products to wholesale markets as well as through its own Kingdom-wide retail network.

Balubaid Transportation

Balubaid Transportation is specialized in vehicle transportation. The company takes enormous pride in its focus on Quality, Reliability and On-time Delivery. The company provides transportation services to many of the leading automotive dealers and distributors in the Kingdom, as well government departments where secure, safe and reliable vehicle transport is of the utmost importance.

Balubaid Service Equipment

Balubaid is a leading name for Kingdom-wide sales and after sales service for industrial and service (workshop) equipment, including fuel dispensers, lifts, automated car wash equipment, tools, etc. Operating out of four main branches across the Kingdom, for over 30 years Balubaid Industrial and Service Equipment has been a partner of choice for international brands from Europe, the United States, and Asia. Balubaid is an agent for over 30 brands of equipment, 12 of which are exclusively represented by Balubaid in Saudi Arabia. Our product range includes:

Fuel dispensers
Gas Station Equipment
Workshop Lifts
Scissor Lifts
Automated Car Wash Systems