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18 May

Balubaid Automotive

Balubaid has over 60 years of automotive history, including over five decades as an agent or exclusive distributor for brands including Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac, Buick, Opel, Pontiac, Subaru, Daihatsu, and Peugeot.

During this time, Balubaid has been among the largest independent General Motors dealers in the world, as well as one of the leading dealers of Peugeot vehicles in the region. In its last decade as a General Motors agent, Balubaid was the fastest growing dealer in Saudi Arabia.

Building on its experience as a dealer and distributor of American, Japanese, and European vehicle brands, Balubaid recently consolidated its Kingdom-wide vehicle retail network into a single, independent network of automotive retail superstores under the brand name “Autozone.”

Autozone is a unique automotive retail system that is pioneering the concepts of consumer choice, comfort, and convenience for Saudi Arabian car buyers. The large format of Autozone facilities, some of which can accommodate over 60 vehicles for display, allows consumers to see, touch, and experience most of the best-selling vehicles in the Kingdom under one roof. Organized into sedan, SUV and commercial zones and vehicle segments by size, Autozone makes comparison shopping easier and more pleasant than ever before.

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